The dim lights shining on stone walls, the old Lombard style floor on which you will walk and the light scent that will wrap you will take you through what I hope will turn into a journey within your journey. It’s no easy task to describe our rooms because it’s no easy task to turn into words what I think rapresents a mood, a story, a freeze-frame from the past, a part of me. Rooms for welcoming and conveying. Colours, lights and scents are the frame, and a poetic atmosphere will make your stay a memorable one, provided you allow this house and its soul to tell its fairy tale.

That branch of the lake of Como which extends southwards between two unbroken chains of mountains, and is all gulfs and bays as the mountains advance and recede, narrows down at one point, between a promontory on one side and a wide shore on the other, into the form of a river; and the bridge which links the two banks seems to emphasize this transformation even more, and to mark the point at which the lake ends and the Adda begins, only to become a lake once more where the banks draw farther apart again, letting the water broaden out and expand into new creeks and bays.

[A. Manzoni, The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi)]
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